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The Amos Memorial Public Library offers a wide variety
of reading, listening and viewing materials.
All materials can be borrowed free of charge with your valid library card.

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Ohio Ebook
The Ohio EBook Project offers digital eBooks, Audio Books, OverDrive Music and OverDrive video for your enjoyment. You may browse and search thousands of great titles and download them to computers, transfer them to portable devices, and some may be burned to CDs for reading, listening, and viewing anywhere, anytime. All that's needed is your valid library card number and PIN to access the service. Up to 10 items maybe borrowed at a time.

Easy to follow instructions are just a click away.
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Contact for additional information or questions pertaining to
digital media materials; movies, music and audiobooks:
Mark Kister
e-mail at:




Materials to Borrow

    • Audiobooks on CD for 28 days, Limit of 5
    • Playaway Audiobooks for 28 days, Limit of 5
    • Music Compact Discs for 7 days, Limit of 5
    • New DVDs for 2 days, Limit of 5
    • Older DVDs for 7 days, Limit of 5
    • Blu-ray Discs for 7 days, Limit of 2
    • Videotapes for 7 days, No Limit
    • Video Games for 7 days, Limit of 1

To encourage timely returns, fines are charged for late items

    • 25¢ per day for each Audiobook or Music Compact Disc
    • $1.00 per day for each Video or Game

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Media?

The most common examples are CDs and DVDs although any format that uses files containing binary computer code is digital. MP3 is a common format used for downloading which is often loaded into an MP3 Player or burned (recorded) on CDs.

May I return Digital Media Items in the Bookdrop?

Yes, digital media items may be placed in the Materials Return slot, located to the right of the front entrance doors.

May I return Digital media items to any of the Shelby County libraries?

Yes, all materials may be returned to any of the libraries located in Anna, Botkins, Fort Loramie, Jackson Center, Russia and Sidney.

Do I need my library card to borrow Digital Media?

Yes, your library card, without fines or fees, is required to borrow materials and use equipment in Digital Media Services. Sorry, we cannot use a friend or family member’s card.

Can a kid get videos?

Only if a parent has signed a Video Consent Form and is at least 10 years old. All other materials may be borrowed.

Can I reserve and renew Digital Media?

Yes, all digital media except 2 day DVDs, may be placed On Hold or Renewed from the computers in the library or through our online catalog.

Why didn’t this disc play right?

Please let us know about problems so they can be repaired.

Can I copy music or movies for my personal use?

Copyright laws make most copying illegal.
The United States Copyright office provides more information at:

Will it hurt to keep tapes and CDs in my car?

A normal range of temperatures will not hurt them. But extreme heat and cold can. Prolonged direct sunlight will destroy them.

I’ve been trying to get a movie for days. Where is it?

To offer a wide range of materials, we generally get only one copy of a movie, audiobook or album. For high demand items, we add additional copies. Also, some of our materials wear out or need replacing. The catalog will show the quantity and status of all items.